We understand and support utilities on their journey from becoming energy companies to technology companies. From the deployment of sensors, communications and  software we have helped utilties navigate the grid tranformation. 

  • Grid Modernization Strategies - We build multi-year, transformation grid modernization programs for our clients. Our focus is on capability building, from enhanced situational awareness to the deployment of intelligent infrastructure we ensure that the integration of bulk and distributed renewables and becoming the network of the future for customers are central tenets of our clients strategies. 
  • Smart Grid Deployments - Our consultants have been there from the start of the smart grid market. We understand what it means to explore the connected home market, what a future of transactive energy may look like and whether innovative regulation like Reforming the Energy Vision in New York will will have impacts across other jurisdictions. 
  • Business Case Development - Through rigorous assumption, sensitivity and scenario analysis we develop business cases for utilities to ensure that investments in new technologies are least regrets and are built for the future. 

UtiliGRIDMOD - tools, strategies and analysis for grid modernization

  • UtiliGRIDMOD’s suite of tools centers on standard business cases, market assessments, technology maturity assessments, roadmapping and dependency management analysis and a host of lessons learned from smart grid deployments globally. Our consultants have built several large and successful smart grid programs globally. 
  • Our approach centers on three main areas including Maturity Assessment and Vision Alignment,  Business Case Creation (DOE aligned) and Roadmap and Implementation Planning. Integrated programs generally fall into the categories of Analytics, Customer Empowerment, DER and Bulk Renewable Mgmt., Integrated Systems, Network Automation and Physical and Cyber Security.

The Indigo Advantage - We have built grid modernization strategies that are delivering multi-billion dollar benefits. We know what the right technologies and strategies are to implement across a utility, particularly in a time of unprecedented transformation.  Find out more about our capabilities in our primer "Transformation Tools for Utilities". 

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