Across the energy value chain new technologies and business model are emerging. We track the end-to-end market evolution and technology segments such as distributed energy resources, communications, sensors and software developments. Our innovation analysis and market intelligence provides utilities and grid edge companies with leading investment and deployment insights. 

  • Emerging Technologies - We track and analyze technology developments in markets such as demand response, energy storage, EV integration, communications, control room software (OMS, DMS, EMS, GIS) and distributed energy resource management systems. 
  • Blockchain Consulting - We help utilities navigate new applications of blockchain technology through executive workshops, use case screening, technology partnership identification and market analysis, please see our  dedicated resource center for more information. 
  • Innovation Analysis - We provide market leading insights into the emerging approach to innovation across the industry with a particular emphasis on partnership and investment models. 
  • Market Intelligence - We conduct custom research into particular technology applications, deployments and performance. 

UtiliVATION - tools, strategies and analysis for utility innovation management

  • UtiliVATION is a series of tools and methods that includes an innovation prioritization matrix and business case evaluation process. In addition, Indigo brings its repository of submarket trackers and commercial availability analysis to bear on each engagement. 
  • Our commercial availability analysis and market assessment approaches rapidly decreases the time a utility would take to deploy new innovative technologies. For utilities looking to embed innovation as part of their R&D and broader business, Indigo works alongside departments to develop innovation management capabilities and capture the highest value market opportunities. 

The Indigo Advantage:  Our team has lead multiple custom research programs for various organizations across the industry and successfully delivered market leading insights for investment decisions combined with deployment consideration analysis. Find out more about our capabilities in our primer "Transformation Tools for Utilities". 

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