Utility analytics is all about unlocking the power of data by coordinating forms of information across organizational departments, applications and databases, rather than deploying one-off solutions, however, utilities should take a holistic approach to managing, analyzing and visualizing data across the organization, creating the most value in the long term.

  • Use Case Analysis - We use a comprehensive repository of industry best practice use cases across categories such as enterprise, load, voltage, reliability and work management. Combining this with our end to end market view of commercially available analytic suites, point applications and custom self service solutions, we conduct holistic data analytics assessments and opportunity analysis for utilities. 
  • Analytics Roadmaps - With a focus on efficiency, reliability, cost reduction, productivity enhancements and customer satisfaction we build short, medium and long term analytics roadmaps for utilities. Our emphasis is on leveraging existing data sources and system functionality while planning for control type use cases in the longer term. 
  • Vendor Analysis - The utility analytics market has never been more active, with a host of point, custom and off the shelf applications showing very good return on investments. At Indigo we track the market and are consistently evaluating deployments and functionality so when utilities are ready to engage a vendor they have the best market knowledge available. 
  • Data Assessments - Underpinning successful data analytics programs is the ability to access quality, rich, accurate and timely data. At Indigo, through our use case approach we assess both functional and technical needs to ensure you are building a data strategy for the future. 

UtiliAPP - tools, strategies and analysis for utility analytics

  • UtiliAPP is a proven method to help utilities determine what the highest business value from analytical investments are and as a result what technical and business requirements need to prioritized. We conduct rapid assessments and develop high-impact roadmaps for utilities ensuring that power companies are leveraging the most out of their data and technology investments. 
  • UtiliAPP consists of several key tools including a repository of use cases that are categorized across load, voltage, work, customer, grid, work, reliability domains. Use cases are also categorized based on application e.g. visualization, prediction and control. Our tools also include industry business cases, vendor capability analysis and industry lessons learned. 

The Indigo Advantage:   Across the industry, we are helping utilities leverage analytical solutions that lower operations and maintenance costs, improve asset and load management, reduce outage management frequency and allow for a sophistication of customer products. One of the most exciting prospects energy providers face is the collaboration between their concerted effort to gather data from multiple sources and the increasingly sophisticated analytical products and solutions that are emerging from within and outside the energy industry. Each utility will have its own requirements, and as such, we are seeing some power providers making targeted analytical investments with single-application solutions. Successful strategies are characterized by the adoption of enterprise solutions that incorporate data from their power infrastructure with other external data sources to create actionable intelligence and situational awareness. Find out more about our capabilities in our primer "Transformation Tools for Utilities". 

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