Despite the Hype, Utilities Still Wary of Blockchain

August 2nd, 2019 | Jason Deign | Greentechmedia

Read our research on why utilities remain wary of blockchain despite the technology having been touted for energy applications for more than three years.

EVENT: Event Horizon - Blockchain in Energy Conference

Indigo attended Event Horizon in Berlin, the leading summit in the energy blockchain industry where industry leaders converged to explore the latest trends and applications of the technology.

Event Horizon | Berlin, Germany | 19th to the 20th of June.

EVENT: Grid Edge Innovation Summit

Indigo was the content chair for Greentech Media’s GEIS in SF last June. As well as curating content we will moderate a number of panels.

EVENT: AESP Spring Conference

Indigo held an interactive Blockcahin in Energy workshop for the Association of Energy Service Professionals in Atlanta in May.

EVENT: Intersolar Summit

Indigo spoke at the Intersolar Summit in NYC on April 4th at 4pm, focused on Managing Change in a New and Digitalized Energy World

Event: New York Association for Energy Economics

Indigo presented to the New York Association for Energy Economics on October 12th on how blockchain and distributed ledger technology is being applied to the power sector. Presentation is embedded. 

Webinar: Artificial Intelligence in Energy

Our views on artificial intelligence, machine learning and emerging energy applications were presented on an Engerati webinar on September 27th. Presentation is embedded.