June 20th, 2017 | Lucas Bifera | S&P 

Indigo's views on blockchain, energy, day ahead markets and vendor activities were profiled in SNL. 

"Day-ahead markets could also be impacted by blockchain, according to David Groarke, managing director of New York-based utility blockchain consulting firm Indigo Advisory Group. A 30-day settlement period between counterparties could be condensed into real-time settlements, injecting newfound efficiency into the markets that could lower transaction and operating costs."

"It would allow for all parties to have their transactions stored and executed on a shared ledger," Groarke said. "This is an important point for compliance purposes, because an auditor or any kind of valuation assessment can be done in a quicker way."

"The more experiments utilities and regulators see, and the more experiments the regulator mandates, that will give everyone a view of the limitations, and serve interests on both sides," Groarke said, of the added transparency. "When we find a use case that has value for multiple participants - regulators, customers and utilities — I think we will see some mass adoption and some successes."

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