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Blockchain in Utilities - 2019 Electric Utility Insights [INFOGRAPHIC]

A recent survey by EPRI's Utility Blockchain Interest Group (UBIG) and Indigo Advisory Group details the intriguing perspectives of utilities and regional transmission operators (RTOs) on promising and nascent applications in the utility industry; protocols t; and the potential barriers, advantages and benefits of blockchain across the utility value chain.

Artificial Intelligence in Energy and Utilities [INFOGRAPHIC]

In this infographic, we explore how AI has the potential to deliver the active management that will be required for the grid of the future. Powerful intelligence will be able to balance grids, manage demand, negotiate actions, enable self-healing and facilitate a host of new products and services.

Blockchain in the Energy and Utilities Industry

In our latest #indigoinsights infographic we explore the embryonic energy blockchain market, inclduing vendors, technology and emerging applications across generation, transmission, distribution and customer markets.

Utility of the Future Technology Investments in New York

Utility of the Future Technology Investments in New York

We explore the first five year distributed system implementation plans (DSIPs) under New York's REV proceedings and highlight the Utility of the Future. technology roadmaps that the power companies will be investing in. 

Utilities - Investing at the Edge

Utilities are increasing their capital investments in new technologies and companies. In our Indigoinsights infographic we analyzed market and investment data dating back to 2013 to garner the latest trends and investment patterns by utilities and their venture arms.